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Côr Meibion Caernarfon Celebrate their 50th Anniversary

What better way for a male voice choir to celebrate its 50th birthday than to release a CD.What better way for a male voice choir to celebrate its 50th birthday than to release a CD.

The “Ferodo Choir” was formed in the Ferodo Company’s brake linings factory near Caernarfon, in November 1967. The factory closed many years ago but there’s no stopping the four part singers! Côr Meibion Caernarfon, as they are now called, still entertain audiences far and wide.The choir has performed at leading UK venues and has travelled widely in Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe and north America. It has won a record nine times at the National Eisteddfod of Wales.


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This recording celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the Caernarfon Male Voice Choir. Since it’s inception it has forged its own unique place amongst the foremost vocal ensembles in Wales. However it remains as firmly rooted in it’s community as ever and during this time of celebration, the opening verse of ‘Cofio’ - a setting of the poem by Waldo Williams, seems particularly relevant.....

‘Cofio’ (Remembering) : Waldo Williams
Before the sun has left the sky, one minute,
One dear minute, before the journeying night,
To call to mind the things that are forgotten
Now in the dust of ages lost from sight.


Recorded at St Padarn’s Church, Llanberis  2008
Aran 517
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Recorded at St Mary’s Church Caernarfon, Spring 2004
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Yn Nheyrnas Diniweidrwydd
Recorded at Sain Studio Llandwrog Caernarfon, Autumn 1997
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Cor Meibion Caernarfon